Company History

F.J. Galloway Associates was incorporated in January 1989.  For the past 33 years, the firm has worked exclusively and extensively with municipalities and not-for-profit corporations across the province. F.J. Galloway Associates Inc. is highly regarded in the Tourism, Parks, Recreation, and Cultural sectors, which is frequently re-enforced by the number of repeat customers and corporate referrals.

Tracey McQueen worked as a principal consultant with Fred Galloway over the past 5 years of his tenure. Fred J. Galloway retired from his consulting business in December of 2019. Tracey McQueen has continued the legacy of FJ Galloway by paying tribute to the Galloway name, including the collection of resources, and proprietary approaches to form the new firm of McQueen Galloway Associates (MGA) Associates.

About who makes MGA Team

McQueen Galloway Associates has an  extensive background in public processes and analysis, policy and strategy development, financial and staff resources assessments, capital costing estimates, partnerships and new service delivery models and related areas.

Tracey McQueen

Principal, McQueen Galloway Associates

Tracey is a seasoned consultant with more than 20 years’ experience working with communities of all sizes.

Terry Alyman, RDMR (F)

Senior Associate, McQueen Galloway Associates

Terry has enjoyed 37 years of leadership in municipal administration, academia, and non-for-profit organizations.

Jennifer Reynolds

Senior Associate, McQueen Galloway Associates

Jennifer has 30+ years of leadership experience within the parks and recreation sector.

Diane English, M.A.

Associate, Research, Legislation and Technology, MGA

With more than 20 years of experience, she brings a wealth of knowledge of legislation and operational policies for parks and recreation.

Success Philosophy

The success of McQueen Galloway Associates is largely premised on its ownership and management structure. As president Tracey McQueen is involved in all works as either project leader or project counsel. Clients of Galloway McQueen Associates always know that they are getting the benefit of the McQueen Galloway experience and expertise regardless of the size of the project. 

McQueen Galloway Associate (MGA) has other associates that allows them to scale up based on the size and scope of the work required by the client. These associates are subject matter experts in distinct or unique areas of the project requirements. This model ensures that the client will always get the necessary expertise required, without the need to pay premium pricing from planning firms who otherwise “carry” a full slate of additional expertise whether they are relevant to the project or not.  Currently MGA has 7 consultants under the MGA banner with key offices in Burlington, Halton Hills, Guelph, and Toronto.  Plus we often work in collaboration with other like minded consulting companies; GSP Group, Novita and Sierra Planning.